WeighUnder Testimonials

WeighUnder Testimonials

See what our patients are saying about WeighUnder in this testimonial video!!

I’ve been with the program about going on 3 months now and to date I’ve lost 35 lbs.
I’ve lost 31 lbs.
Almost 30 lbs.
I have lost already a significant amount of weight, more so than I’ve ever lost in any diet, and it’s not a diet it’s a change of lifestyle.
I’ve lost 23 lbs and I feel good.
I think before coming to WeighUnder I tried everything, tried to lose weight, tried to do everything that was out there and just kind of gave up. And then when I heard about this I was a little anxious about it and I really didn’t tell anyone that I was doing it. Kinda kept it to myself for a while until they started to see results and then people started asking about it and the more people that asked I’m more than happy to share it now. I think this is a great program, I think these doctors are great, I love the support that they give you, and they put you at ease as soon as you come in there, and will answer any question you possibly have. Any anxiety just kinda went by the wayside with these wonderful women.

Because I’ve been on multiple weight loss programs, I felt ashamed that I had not been able to maintain my weight and when I came from talking with Dr. Mackey I felt at ease and as I’ve lost weight I have had more self confidence.

What I love about the doctors is that I feel like I’m working with a doctor on my health journey and not necessarily a weight loss program.

They are here to support me and this is the first time in my life that I feel that, medically speaking, my providers hear what I’m saying.

This program, because it is run by physicians, they are able to prescribe medications to treat certain medical problems such as insulin resistance which is different from other programs.

Truly a miracle for me, it really is, and I’ve tried everything.

This program hasn’t been hard to stick with at all compared to other approaches I’ve tried. I’m surprised at how not hungry I am most of the time I don’t find that it’s a struggle to stick with the plan and how much you’re supposed to eat per day, the supplements, the type of food I’m eating helped keep me full longer so I’m not tempted to stray off the plan.

The doctors are so warm and so kind and so caring you feel like you’ve known them your whole life. They’re not sterile they’re just straight down to earth and the fact that they’re both medical doctors makes it so impressive.

You know I was very nervous at first when I came to the open house not knowing what to expect but I can certainly want to tell somebody that this is a completely warm comfortable environment, not one ounce of judgement have I felt being here. I feel very welcomed and very accepted. The doctors are amazing, they’re probably as committed and as enthusiastic about my successes as I am. I feel like I have a bit of a partner in the journey.

Back in December I sought to see an OBGYN doctor because that was a different phase of my life and menopause and I had an increase in weight and she suggested that I move forward and talk to the people at WeighUnder and I did see them on December 3rd and that was actually the first day of my new journey.

I wish I found them in my 30s. The journey would have been so much less painful. Now to me it’s just wonderful, it makes you feel like a whole different person.

It doesn’t feel like a doctors office at all. It certainly is because I know the doctors are so knowledgeable and so educating and I feel supported in that. They understand the science behind it but the staff here, everybody is so wonderful, it’s such a warm environment, you’re going to forget that you’re visiting the doctors.

They want you to succeed and they will find answers for you.

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