WeighUnder – Obesity Intro

WeighUnder – Obesity Intro

We treat obesity as a disease. The American Medical Association in June of 2013 recognized Obesity as a disease and what that does is helps physicians be able to help their patients in identifying what it is that they need and as we get further along in terms of understanding the science of obesity, we will be able to have the tools to help our patients and that is something that we focus on in our practice.

By recognizing obesity as a disease we take a little bit of the guilt and shame away as we’ve talked about before patients feel shame, and by treating it as a disease we recognize that some of this is out of the patients control. It’s a disease that they battle. And so we come alongside with them and battle the disease. Give them the tools that they need to help them get better and get healthier.

As time has gone on we have been able to identify some key points of why individuals struggle. So sometimes there’s big issues that we have to address and other times it’s something a little bit more simple. But with our training and with what’s out there and what’s coming there’s potential for a really big explosion of information coming forward and how we can attack this disease and really stop the disease of obesity. Theres a lot of organizations out there that’s coming up thats really very positive in going forward in helping people get better. I think that we’re just really fortunate to be able to reach out to our patients and the community to be able to help them get healthy.

Since the AMA has recognized obesity as a disease the FDA has approved multiple new medications for treatment. So we have additional tools to help the patients and assist them on their journey.

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