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William Kaufman, President of WattLOTS talks about his innovative solar technology.


Hello, my name is William Kaufman, founder and President of WATTLOTS. I am an Architect that has combined design aesthetics with solar technology. I would like to express my gratitude to NJBIN and the EDC at NJIT for the honor of being selected for this award.

My company, WATTLOTS, has engineered and patented several unique and attractive products that allow solar technology to enter markets that were once considered off limits due to their unsightly industrial appearance. The unique linear profile of our module provides design flexibility in applying the technology to various applications where traditional rectangular solar panels simply do not fit.

Unlike most solar products which are designed for warm weather climates, all WATTLOTS products are specifically designed for climates where snowfall can be expected.There is no down time waiting for snow to melt, and when combined with our other technologies, this can increase annual output over traditional flat panel systems by over 30%.

We offer a variety of unique and creative high performance solar products you won’t find anywhere else in the industry.

WATTLOTS, Like nothing else under the sun.

 WattLOTS – Innovative Solar Technology:

The WATTLOTS Power Arbor™, WATTwalls™ and LiteBeams™ represent a clear and striking break from the way in which solar installations have been done in the past.

WATTLOTS is bringing innovative and game-changing products to the industry- from exterior wall-mounted systems to exquisite parking lot designs. Gone are the days of dull, monolithic, and ugly solar solutions.

The WATTLOTS approach delivers our customers a host of powerful benefits: Increased property values, income generation, energy savings and enhanced public image.

All WATTLOTS products are proudly made and assembled in the USA.

WATTLOTS llc, was founded in 2009 by William Kaufman. Mr. Kaufman also founded WESKetch Architecture, Inc, a multi-million dollar multi-disciplined professional design and construction practice in 1996. He has received numerous awards including “Architect of the Year” and “Top 40 Entrepreneurs under the age of 40” and is New Jersey’s first LEED™ accredited architect.

Mr. Kaufman’s mission for WATTLOTS is to bring the solar industry, “game changing” design innovations which seemlessly incorporate the latest solar technology available.

WATTLOTS’ first product (the award winning Power Arbor™) solves a number of issues, which currently plague conventional parking lot solar structures-from aesthetics to efficiency. As a uniquely styled, parking lot canopy system that is specifically designed to retrofit existing surface parking lots, The Power Arbor™ provides substantial quantities of clean, renewable electrical energy near the source of demand where it is needed.

The Power Arbor™ is made possible by another WATTLOTS innovation, the LITEbeam™- this revolutionary “non-flat”, all inclusive module (each LITEbeam™ module has it’s own inverter and support structure), is also the main component of WATTLOTS’ newest product-WATTwalls™. As wall mounted solar system, WATTwalls™, will give the industry the ability to bring solar installations to many who could not have a system before (because of the lack of roof or parking space).

Visit WattLOTS online at www.wattlots.com

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