Terry Katz – VP, Attorney Sales & Marketing

Terry Katz – VP, Attorney Sales & Marketing

Terry Katz talks about his company American Legal Abstract, LLC in his Vidbi at The Ultimate Networking Event at The Manayunk Brewery in Philadelphia, PA videotaped by Creative Video of Woodbury, NJ on January 22, 2013.

American Legal Abstract, LLC, we pride ourselves on doing business as unusual. That’s because business as usual is not good enough for us or for our clients. We are committed to being the best title insurance and settlement service provider in our market. Because we understand that preserving your client relationships is your top priority, we make it ours.

The continuing real estate boom and “internet speed” of today’s business culture are pressing attorneys, mortgage brokers, loan officers, and real estate brokers to meet tighter and tighter closing schedules. Despite this pressure, the fact remains that some things simply should not be rushed. At American Legal Abstract, LLC, we combine industry expertise, cutting edge technology, and unparalleled customer service to achieve the right balance between speed, accuracy and thoroughness.

We’re attorney-based and service-oriented and can offer a wider scope of services, saving you time and effort by performing tasks such as deed preparation and obtaining mortgage payoff statements. Our professionalism and steadfast support of our business partners throughout the entire transaction make the real estate closing a cause for celebration for your clients.

Our dedication to best industry practices safe guards your clients’ interest in their real property; our commitment to providing exceptional service safe-guards their relationship with you.
Licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Florida.

Our Pledge to You

Though many in our industry have come to view title insurance as a commodity, we will never reduce our services to that level. We pledge to be accessible, accountable, and to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in all our dealing with you and your clients.

High Touch & High Tech

We combine highly personalized, hands-on service with technology designed to enhance, not replace, personal interaction with you. Together with our industry knowledge, experience and attorney oversight, we deliver rapid turnaround, accuracy and flexibility.

We offer the ability to: Order title on-line or by traditional means including paper, fax, and mail Reach a live person when you need assistance Track the entire title process on-line via secure internet account set up exclusively for you, or track the process through more traditional notifications from our staff Hold closings at any location from 9AM to 10PM, Monday through Saturday Communicate with us via phone, email, fax, personal meeting Communicate with you as soon as your deal closes Close on time with an experienced settlement agent at your client’s location or at our centrally located facility

At A Glance

Transaction Types:

Purchases and Refinances

Residential and Commercial

Construction Loan Closings

1031 Exchanges

Agents For:

New Jersey Title Insurance Company

First American Title Insurance Company

Services Customized for:

Mortgage Lenders


Mortgage brokers and loan officers

Real Estate Broker

Title Insurance

Title Examination

Title Searches and Abstract

Judgment and Lien Searches

Deed and financing documents preparation via attorney

Attorney settlements

Obtain mortgage pay off statements

Back title

Act as closing and escrow agent

Disbursement of settlement funds

HUD-1 settlement sheet preparation

Tax assessment information

Document preparation

Full recording services

Order surveys

Programs Tailored For You

I am part of American Legal Abstract and we specialize in title insurance and real estate transactions. We provide hands on and proactive assistance to realtors, brokers and real estate attorneys.

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