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Tanker Consulting Services

Hello, I am Scott Tanker owner of Tanker Consulting Services.

For 30 years, I have been an independent consultant in a variety of areas that include retirement plans, investments and group insurance benefits.

Over the last 7 years I have developed exciting new programs for my clients that encompass Merchant Services, Point of Sale, ATM, and Workforce Management Solutions.

My focus has always been to make my client’s jobs easier and to save them money. I like to help them to become more efficient and more profitable.

I offer a free written analysis of current MERCHANT SERVICES programs usually saving clients 10 to 25%. OR I OFFER E-commerce solutions THAT help sell products on the internet.
In addition mobile payment solutions can be used on MOST smart phones. MY Point of sale systems, POS, are ideal for retail and restaurant locations. AND MY Automatic teller machines increase CUSTOMER traffic and sales.

Of course our PCI services help merchants keep their information and transactions secure.
Lastly, our Workforce Management services always results in more savings and more effectively communicated EMPLOYEE benefits.

At Tanker Consulting Services the customer is our priority. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about your business and how we can make your job easier and save you money!

For more information go to TankerConsultingServices.com or call me at 609-922-0201


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Scott Tanker of Tanker Consulting Services of Marlton, NJ, offers local businesses consulting services ranging from merchant services, ATM solutions, Point of Sale Services and much more. By using Tanker Consulting Services you will be able to have one business partner to work with that can help you with important business decisions. Tanker Consulting sets a new standard in for his reliability, innovation, expertise, accountability and diligence. He will show you how to reduce your costs and make business easier!

For more than 3 decades, Scott has specialized in retirement plan consulting, plan design, communication, and asset management services. His concern was that most business owners don’t understand how to understand their merchant services statements, how to make their business run more efficiently and how to add business products to increase revenue. This is what motivated him to start the Tanker Consulting team. In fact, his written analysis and review of your proposal is free as well as a no-obligation.

If your business is looking to make business easier, contact call Tanker Consulting Services today to get started!