Steve Graham – New Visions Networking – Graham Communications

Steve Graham – New Visions Networking – Graham Communications

Hello, I’m Steve Graham, from Graham Communications, a proud member of the New Visions family. I’m here to briefly tell you about an exciting offer we are extending to all New Vision Members.

How many times have you attended any networking event – and you see a familiar face, but you can’t recall what company that person works for. That simple hesitation may stop you from making a great business connection. Or what if you are not confident about your spur of the moment elevator pitch, so you actually shy away from the opportunity to pitch yourself in front of the crowd.

I’ve got good news! We are creating a YouTube page for our New Visions members. Imagine a page where, before each New Visions event, you can browse through a gallery of Member images, and with one click, you can view their 1-minute elevator pitch.

Graham Communications is now offering a digital video ad professionally produced and optimized for online marketing to all New Vision members. We are keeping the cost very low to cover our filming and editing time. This new innovation can help articulate your professional message and help you stand out in today’s competitive business environment.

(Text on screen)
1- minute video about your business, service or product.
Videotaped at our studio in Woodbury, NJ
Video in HD with our deluxe in-studio lighting package
Recorded in front of our chroma-key wall.
Client provides pictures and/or video footage to be used as b-roll.
Professionally produced graphic background with your logo.
Motion Graphics to spice up and brand your professional presentation.
Upbeat music which energizes your message.

Here’s the cool part – you can add this video to your company website, email signature, text messages, and profiles of all your social media. Video will surely enhance your SEO!

Graham Communications has years of experience shooting professional interviews. We can assist you with your script, and we are experienced on-camera coaches to help fight those initial “lights, camera, action” jitters.

Video is a powerful web tool. Please consider this opportunity. If you are interested in creating your dynamic video, leave me your business card today I will get you more details. Or – send an email to Ceri and we will be in touch. I promise a pain-free experience that will grow your business!

Thank you.