Simple Golfing Solutions Golf Swing Training Aid

Simple Golfing Solutions Golf Swing Training Aid

simple golfing solutions

My names John Dandrea, my company is Simple Golfing Solutions. I’m the inventor of the Simple Golfing Solutions Golf Swing Training Aid.

Power, accuracy, and repeatable golf swing is every golfer’s goal. And the quickest way to this magic formula is the simple solutions.

The Simple Solutions Golf Swing Training Aid system features five tools, designed to cover every critical body, arm, and wrist position necessary to ensure crisp contact and maximum club head speed, along with short game tools. The Simple Solutions game tools eliminates the need for more than 50 single training aids by addressing issues causing many swing problems. The Simple Solutions system effectively trains every critical swing position as well as chipping and putting.

Ok so, I’m gonna talk briefly about why I like the Simple Solutions Golf Swing Training Aid system and what’s it done for my instruction. So I really love I just have one device and it fixes so many different things in the golf swing, the versatility of it is outstanding and usually versatility and training aid doesn’t go very well together so in this case it does, it does so many things at once. I mean you have the arm to work on proper hinge and lag, you have the laser to on path and plane, we have the chipping to work on chip shots and shot game and also I can use it for drills through impact. In the Simple Solutions system, comes an alignment rod and this outstanding putting training aid. What it is, we have a goal post, we have a yellow string and we have the back of it. So we can line it up directly to the hole. I have an alignment line over my putter so I’m gonna set my eyes directly over the ball where the string is covering the alignment line, and I’m gonna make a very confident stroke back and through and hopefully it goes in the hole. Do that, you’ll make more putts.

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