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I’m gonna walk you through step by step instructions on installation and the use of the Simple Golfing Solutions Golf Swing Training Aid. OK, once we remove the simple solution device, from its case, making sure that the cam finger are extended so you can easily push the simple solution device onto the back of the grip on the club aligning the rub arm with the club base square to your target and then tighten it down, don’t be afraid to tighten it, where it won’t slide and now you’re ready to start the practice sessions.

Once the simple solutions Golf Swing Training Aid is installed and you wanna work on swing playin remove the laser from the carrying case. Loosen the thumb turn throw it in the rear of the handle, tightening the thumb turn, turning on the laser, careful you don’t shine it in your eyes and you’re ready to work on swing playin. Setup the laser once before you got your belt buckle. The simple solutions swing arm pressed against your lead forearm, as I prefer it, taking the club back the first 6 to 12 inches keeping the laser pointed towards your belt buckle at mid swing the laser should be pointing at your target line, at top of the backswing the laser will be along your target line and the down swing, repeat that with keeping the solution arm pressed against your lead forearm on the downswing the laser on your target path down to impact.

When working on your short game, install the chip stick, by loosening the thumb screw, inserting it in and then tightening the thumb screw and you’re ready to work on your chipping.

We’re basically gonna make a putt stroke and don’t allow this to hit your side. We’re start with it on the side once you start swinging, use your body movement to let it not hit your side. So right now I have it attached to a Sam wedge at 54 degree wedge, I’m just gonna make a real little chip shot (BANG) to this hole right here, ok, so it went in.

In the simple solutions Golf Swing Training Aid system, comes an alignment rod and this outstanding putting training aid. What it is, we have a goal post, we have a yellow string and we have the back of it. So we can line it up directly to the hole and the great thing about this training aid, if you’ve been to a tour event, you’ve probably seen tour player with string and they line it up maybe 8-10 feet down the line and they stroke it down the line for a straight put and they try to get the ball to chase down the line. This device does that but it does a couple other things outstanding that device can’t do. One, is we can use this on breaking putts, so it can understand where the ball starts and how the ball breaks from there. Two, you have the field goal posts to get the immediate feedback if you missed it left right , or if you struck a good putt and it went down the middle. I have an alignment line over my putter so I’m gonna set my eyes directly over the ball where the string is covering the alignment line, and I’m gonna make a very confident stroke back and through and hopefully it goes in the hole. Do that, you’ll make more putts.