Rob and Cheryl Adams – Entrepreneurs Executives

Rob and Cheryl Adams – Entrepreneurs Executives

Rob and Cheryl Adams talk about Business Development in their Vidbi at the studios of Creative Video in Woodbury, NJ on March 25, 2013.

CEO Space is in its third decade of offering its signature week long cooperative marketplace, training and tradeshow experience for executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, development and hyper-growth companies. Achieve your professional goals faster, easier, and more reliably.

Do you have a product, service, project, dream or idea that could benefit others — or the world — if you could only put the right structure, funding, and resources in place to create it or get it to market faster? Imagine what might happen if you suddenly had access to 70,000+ key influencers who couldn’t wait to help you bring you and your company to the success you deserve? Experience CEO Space, the opportunity awaits you and the door is open. Don’t sit on the sidelines of your life waiting for your next big opportunity. There are hundreds of people at CEO Space who need your support and services.

CEO Space is a global entrepreneurial association organization in our third decade of serving business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs in over 140 countries. Our members use CEO Space as an invaluable resource to accelerate achievement and reduce the time and cost of reaching their growth goals.

Local Clubs » in cities around the globe members access weekly networking and mentoring sessions. New to CEO Space? Your Local Club will introduce you to the direct solutions CEO Space can provide for you. Already a member? Carry the energy from the Forums forward through the year with support for your goals from other local members.

CEO Space Forums » held five times annually, are an astoundingly efficient way to extend your team and network beyond your local community. Unlike any seminar or networking event you have been to before, Forums (alongside the highly topical classes » ) integrate meaningful relationship-building networking, open access to instructors, and instant connections to expert advisors. CEOs meet with expert coaches in their business areas of need, resolving problems and accelerating results. Whether your questions are in areas of product development, manufacturing, packaging, branding, online solutions, international trade and brokerage, hyper-growth systemic help, or personnel, we can connect you with skilled mentors.

CEO Space Forums are streamlined, professionally hosted events. Teams of wonderful trainers are invested in preparing each class to offer expert advice over a wide spectrum of Entrepreneurial topics. Our training process is dynamic; our cooperation-systems training is unique; and our proprietary team-building and on-site processes are proven. The subjects covered » provide essential updates, whether you are a CEO leading a large firm, a manager seeking cutting-edge resources, an inventor with a groundbreaking product to get to market, or a small business owner ready for bigger success.

CEO Space offers its members an adventure in Cooperative Capitalism. The state of the world’s economy has proven that Competitive Capitalism is a failed model; Cooperative Capitalism is its replacement. For over twenty years, CEO Space has consistently proven that the model of Cooperative Capitalism works! Note the difference:

Competitive Capitalism is a proven failed model that consistently leads to: A winner and a loser More stress and less enjoyment Living your life at a frantic pace Limited resources Greed and hoarding of wealth, ideas, and more Fighting and war

Cooperative Capitalism, as practiced at CEO Space, offers a model where everybody wins:

When you enter into the CEO Space experience, hundreds of CEOs will embrace your project and freely share their contacts, resources, and knowledge with you.

Exciting connections and deals will become real.

You will potentially make more contacts and bring in more business during a single week at CEO Space than you might all year long at home.

You will make genuine connections that truly matter. The people who are drawn to CEO Space understand that through the act of giving, more doors will open for you than you ever thought possible.

Every person is treated equally with integrity, dignity, respect and importance. No person is considered to be more or less important than any other member, regardless of their achievements.

This is the heart of CEO Space. We invite you to join us.

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