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Hi – my name is John Genovese and my background is in the private equity and management consulting space. I’m also the co-founder of PolitePersistence, LLC. I’ve always been passionate about business development and as someone who appreciates building and maintaining relationships, I was doing a pretty poor job of it. See, I would attend conferences and events and meet a ton of really cool people. I’d go home and connect with them on LinkedIn and send them all follow up emails. The problem was if they didn’t get back to me I was already meeting a handful of new people next week and last weeks connections were just fading away. I couldn’t take letting all of these potential relationships just evaporate so my team and I created PolitePersistence.
PolitePersistence is the fastest and easiest way to send follow up emails, guaranteed! If you’ve ever felt like me, I encourage you to check out our website at www.PolitePersistence.com or email me at John@PolitePersistence.com
Remember – it’s not about who you meet – it’s about how you follow up with them.

PolitePersistence produces a Chrome Extension for Gmail that makes sending a manual follow up email a thing of the past. Our product allows anyone to follow up with multiple people at the same time in a personalized and professional way. Think about all of the contacts you’ve met that you don’t keep in touch with because neither of you have followed up. Really think about it. Think about how many events you’ve been to in the past year? Now think about how many people you’ve met. Now think about how many of those people you keep in touch with. What if there was a super user-friendly email lifehack that increased your email productivity through an all-in-one follow up email management system? Success is related to the size of one’s network and by scheduling emails with our email follow up software Gmail extension, you will never let a professional or personal relationship fade away. PolitePersistence guarantees that you will build greater and By equipping our users with automated follow up emails through scheduled sending, email templates, auto turn off when someone replies among much more, PolitePersistence is truly ‘The Fastest & Easiest Way to Send Follow Up Emails, Guaranteed!’

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