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Hello, I am Vijay Hanagandi, the CEO and CTO of Optimal Solutions, Inc., or OSI.

At OSI we are busy improving the complex supply chains of our customers. We are a team of seasoned Industrial Engineers, Chemical Engineers, and IT professionals. At OSI, we specialize in developing custom-solutions that are mission critical to our customers. Our applications run some of the world’s most complex manufacturing plants and distribution networks.

Specific examples of our products include production planning, vehicle routing and distribution, sales, operations planning, and demand forecasting. At the heart of our applications are our innovative & cutting edge algorithms.

Please visit our website at osiopt.com to learn more about our products and services. And call us for a free evaluation of your supply chain problem so we can assist you in solving some of your challenges. Thanks!

Optimal Solutions, Inc. (OSI) is an IT and Engineering Consulting company developing customized software applications to model, optimize and simulate complex processes including manufacturing processes, supply chains, management systems, logistics management and research and development projects. The technology and software tools they develop bring mathematical and computer support to their clients’ decision making processes to minimize energy usage, optimize manufacturing variables, increase profitability and decrease time to market.

In addition to developing customized software, Optimal Solutions has a branded, off the shelf product, OnOpt, which is currently being used by a number of chemical manufacturers to optimize operations in real-time. They also provide service and maintenance of the applications they develop. They follow Six Sigma methodology to increase the sustainability profile of their clients by reducing the overall environmental impact of their manufacturing operations while optimizing revenue.

OSI has a successfully served several large commercial clients such as GE, Los Alamos National Labs, US Air Force Research Labs, Merck & Co., MorganStanley, E&J Gallo Winery, and Citibank.

www.OSIopt.com is our website, please visit for more information.

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