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Nothing But Green Living, LLC offers safe floor solutions for municipalities, school districts, colleges, universities, housing authorities, hospitals, churches, businesses and the Canadian Ministry of Economic Development Training & Employment. We are trying to embark on opportunities with our safe floor solutions that will allow us to reduce the carbon footprint one floor at a time. We offer a very unique wax free green product that separates us from the rest of the green products on the market. Our product prides itself on the following areas just to name a few:

Green Certified Product
Reducing Carbon Footprint
Chemical Source Reduction of 60-70%
Labor Reduction of 45-55%
No Zinc, Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
No Styrene (exposure to Styrene can cause alterations in vision, hearing loss and decreased reaction times)
High Slip Resistance
UV Protection (product does not yellow like traditional wax floors)
You will never have to strip your floors again with Proper Maintenance

Nothing But Green Living Enterprises is looking to promote efficiency and improve overall performance, cut cost and maximize profitability and to prove how sustainable approaches to waste/carbon footprint can leave a big impact on both the environment and a company’s bottom line by using safe floor solutions. Please visit our website for additional information and photos.

Nothing But Green Living Enterprises is an Environmentally Friendly “Green” Products and
Service company. Our products are safe for the environment, people, and animals. The
products include “Green” Floor finishes and cleaning products. !
One highlight of our business is the School Program, which features one of our key floor finishes
“Pearl” and three cleaning products: Cleaner and Conditioner, Super Heavy Duty Degreaser,
and Ultra – Q128. Schools were targeted for this program as it is a known entity
that schools strip and wax floors on an annual basis. However, Nothing But Green Living
Enterprises has taken this concept beyond schools. Wherever there is a floor….. the program
can be implemented. !
The program major focus is safety and chemical source reduction. Some schools and businesses
may use as many as 22 different cleaning products. Most of these products are not
necessary and are not safe for people or the environment. Our program features three
cleaning products, which are 100% Green certified. Product highlights are as follows: !
• Cleaner and Conditioner is an all purpose cleaner and Floor restorer designed with
Electrolytic Cleaning Technology. This Eco-Friendly product cleans all types of floors
and surfaces to include glass, mirrors, stainless steel, and metals. Cleaner and conditioner
is a Light duty degreaser.
• Super Heavy Duty Degreaser is a high performance Degreaser and Cleaner, which is
fast acting, removes most types of greases, is non-harmful, and easy to apply. The
secret behind this product is 3D Electrolytic Cleaning and Conditioning technology
combined with a 3 dimensional surfactant that electrolytically removes soil imbedded
deep in the substratum.
• Ultra-Q128 is a disinfectant cleaner and deodorizer, which features Electrolytic cleaning
Technology and a Quaternary formulation. The product is an effective cleaner, detergent,
Deodorizer, Mildew stat, Fungicide, and Virucide. Bactericidal activity of this
product meets all requirements for hospital use. !
Pearl the featured floor finish is a proprietary product which is Styrene Free, has Low VOC’s,
Wet Look, Slip Resistance, and Fantastic Durability. This finish used in conjunction with
Cleaner & Conditioner at .5 to 1 ounce per gallon of water reduces floor stripping cycles. !
A reduction in floor stripping cycles translate to economical savings for the customer. Customers
who implement the School Program normally experience an Annual Chemical reduction
of 60 – 70%. In addition, a decrease in labor, time, and effort by 45 – 55%. There are
schools that have implemented the “School Program” and they have not stripped floors in 12
years. !
The service side of the business focuses on Product distribution as well as floor restoration,
maintenance, and cleaning of floors. We distribute “Green” Floor Finishes, Sealers,
and cleaners that are safe for you and the environment. !
Moreover, we are able to offer our customers the latest technology in equipment and supplies.
Our products coupled with the right equipment technology enhances the cleaning/
restoration process and delivers a remarkable floor. !
Some of our Floor services include stone, VCT, Wood, carpet, concrete, granite, and marble
just to name a few. We also provide superior installation of various types of floors. If there is
a floor, we have the product or service to keep you marveling at the appearance of your investment
for years to come. !
Because Nothing But Green Living Enterprises utilizes the latest techniques and equipment,
we are in a unique position to offer suggestions about cleaning services that will enhance
the appearance and safety of your building or home. Nothing But Green Living Enterprises
takes special pride in a job well done. “We Don’t Cut Corners…We Clean Them” !!
Dirty Floors? Our exclusive products are Green certified. !
Safe on your floors!
Safe in your home or business!
Safe for the environment!

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