Netherlands Festival Of Music – Easter Weekend 2017

Netherlands Festival Of Music – Easter Weekend 2017

Netherlands Festival of Music – 2016 Preview Trip

Netherlands Festival of Music – 2017 Brochure

TQI performance unveils the one and only Netherlands festival of music. Held Easter weekend 2017, during the famous Holland tulip festival, this exclusive opportunity is available for bands, choirs, and orchestras from the United States, Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world. This fantastic, one time odyssey is held in Europe famous Concertgebouw concert hall located in Amsterdam, Holland.

“The students are really amazed by all of the buildings that are here and how old everything is, the history, and the fact that there is so much culture, and they’ve just had a great time.”

“This is so incredible.”

“That’s a lot to wrap up.”

“Yeah it seriously is the combination of flying here, singing, going to England, tours, you can’t even put it into words and it wasn’t even just where we were at but the fact we got to sing in such incredible places made it that much more spectacular.”

TQI performance is also excited to announce Johan De Meij as the artistic director and head clinician for the Netherlands festival of music. Johan’s symphony number 1, the Lord of the Rings, based on Tolkien’s best selling novels of the same name, received the prestigious Sudler Composition Award in 1989. In 2001, the orchestral version was premiered by the watered down Philharmonic orchestra. Johan and his staff of adjudicators will be in the perfect learning opportunity for both choral and instrumental groups. “Watched the choirs grow exceptionally from participating, getting a broader perspective of the world and seeing other parts of the world and performing in great concert venues.”

This exclusive, noncompetitive event will display choirs, bands, and orchestras from many states and countries. Because we are striving for a very diverse and wide representation of ensembles and performances, we are selecting specific programs to receive this invitation. If you are watching this video, your ensemble has been identified and pre-selected because of your program capabilities, diversity of music, or past awards and achievements. The promotion of this event will be in stages so a quick response to indicate interest is the very best way to reserve your place in this great opportunity.

“We have three adjudicators, one is from England, one is from Holland, and the other is from the United States so that gives the students an opportunity to learn from different people from different countries.” Additional performances in and around Amsterdam will be arranged for each ensemble and tailored to their musical needs and desires. Clinics will be available as well as performances, which include opportunities in the famous Amsterdam Concertgebouw as well as famous and historic venues throughout Holland.

“We have traveled with TQI performance, not only to their custom performance tours, but also many types to their festivals, and their attention to details is really great and the students have a really great time.”

“Our hotels have been great and the tour escorts have been very fun and very knowledgeable and have shown us a great time.”
Additional European performance touring is available for those ensembles who wish to extend their program to any other European destination, in particular, London, Paris, Copenhagen, and Brussels are within easy traveling distance and offer spectacular additional sightseeing and performances, including performances in the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France; Southwark Cathedral, London, England; the American cemetery in Normandy, and many more.

“This has been a life changing thing and it is hard to even sort it out, there is so much that has happened in Holy Trinity and St. Paul’s and the festival of Notre Dame, doing the Eiffel Tower.”
“There is so much more to these trips than just singing, there is going from city to city, seeing things that a lot of people don’t get to see, going to amazing places, food, it’s a different culture and you have to experience it.”

“I thought the performances went really well and the adjudicator was really nice and he gave us a lot of helpful tips to help us in the future.”

“We’ve been really pleased with the work that Heidi and Kevin have done for us, they have been on the phone and on email continually.”

Group directors who were signed up and committed with an initial $2,000 group deposit will be able to join us in the Netherlands for a free festival preview trip this coming summer. To find out more about this once in a lifetime performance opportunity, call 1-877-898-8687 or visit

“It’s been really great, being able to go to a foreign country is always a dream and everyone wants to do it and it’s really fun so if I was to recommend this trip to anyone I would say definitely, it’s a once in a lifetime chance.”

“I highly recommend TQI performance if you’re a musical performance tourist.”