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Hello, my name is Michael Newell. I am the founder of LifeSpan Care Management, a ten-year-old firm that assists our clients, their families and their trusted advisors.

As Experts on Aging Well, LifeSpan’s mission is to make sure the health system and the Long Term Care System works for our clients’ best interests. After fully assessing our client’s needs, from a health care, quality of life, and functional point of view, we provide care coordination and health advocacy assistance to enable our clients to solve their problems with the health care system and to meet their goals.

We specialize in complex medical issues, attending doctor appointments, care conferences, performing insurance appeals, finding alternative health providers when requested, and quality controlling the hands-on health providers. We are there to make sure the care and treatment is appropriate, that is to say does it work, for our client. LifeSpan also does Life Care Plans to estimate present and future costs of care, consulting with trusted advisors such as accountants, attorneys and financial advisors regarding quality and costs of medical, nursing and rehabilitative care.  

You wouldn’t think of going to court without a lawyer, so don’t assume you can navigate something as complex as the health care system without a highly qualified AND experienced care manager. Please check us or at www.caremanagerNJ.com.

Lifespan Care Management

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