Guy T. Dunn – Franchise Owner – Geeks On Call

Guy T. Dunn – Franchise Owner – Geeks On Call

Guy T. Dunn talks about his company Geeks on Call in his Vidbi at The Ultimate Networking Event at The Field House Pub in Philadelphia, PA videotaped by Creative Video of Woodbury, NJ on February 5, 2013

Your Single Source For Technology Solutions

Geeks On Call is the number one source for technology solutions. We work proactively with you to make sure that your systems are always working for you.
Our business is technology: computers, networks, voice, internet, web and mobile device solutions. Let us handle your technology, while you handle your business!
Quick help with your problems now PC and Laptop Performance We will do the diagnostics, repairs and maintenance.
We can get you connected. We can solve issues with system speed and wireless security.

Peripheral Devices
(including monitors/screens, keyboards, mouse, printers, USB devices, etc.) We can get these devices to work seamlessly together!

Smart Phones, iPads and Other Tablets
(Apple, Android, Blackberry, Etc.) We can help you use and interface the devices.

Commonly Used Apps (e.g., Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, PDF, etc.) We can get these apps working for you!

File and Data Recovery Whether you lose individual documents (e.g., email, word documents, spreadsheets, etc.) or your entire system crashes, we can help with the recovery. We can help prevent losses and hassles!
Networks/Servers We can deploy technicians to solve problems on-site. Better yet, we can remotely monitor and proactively fix problems before they impact you!

Solve It Now
• PC and Laptop Performance

Geeks On Call specializes in maximizing the efficiency and the security of the PCs and laptops that are in daily use in your business or residence. Geeks On Call has literally “grown up” with the PC, and we know just about every strategy to make certain your PC or laptop, no matter the model, performs at its absolute peak performance.

Though most of us understand that viruses and malware can severely cripple, slow or even destroy our computers, increasingly larger software programs — especially when two or more of them are simultaneously opened, may also severely affect the performance of your computer. Indeed, both kinds of situations may lead to similar results. It is not uncommon for a computer that is overloaded with software to be completely open to a virus or malware attack, even if you have loaded an anti-virus program.

Our highly skilled team of experts keep themselves up to date not only on the latest threats from viruses and malware — and importantly, how to stop them, but they are also trained to maximize the efficiency of computers that are called upon to handle multiple programs.

Geeks On Call also recognizes how incredibly busy you are and how vital your computer and its network are to your business. Our focus is to support the needs of small and medium-sized companies just like yours quickly and efficiently. The Geeks On Call “Part-Time IT Department,” can improve the efficiency and the security of your PC or laptop either on or off-site so that there is virtually no down time to your operations.

There is nothing in business that is more terrifying than to know your files are under attack from a virus or malware. It is a threat Geeks On Call takes very seriously. Once we eliminate the problem, our technicians can explain the prevention of these problems in the future. We are happy to explore options such improved virus protection, Firewalls to protect your data and the expansion of memory to enable you to run more programs with more efficiency.

To learn more about how Geeks On Call can help your business with PC and laptop performance please call us today at 1-800-905-4335 or click here to schedule a service .

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