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Energy Catalysis Inc, established in 2003, is a small R&D business developing innovative technology for production of liquid fuels from renewable biomass, or municipal solid waste, or coal using novel catalysts. The liquid fuels, mostly transportation grade fuels, are estimated to be made at a cost of $42 per barrel.

A direct coal or biomass liquefaction technology was developed in Department of Energy funded
R&D programs. The combination of novel catalysts and reactor system allow
economic production of clean liquid fuels from renewable biomass, MSW, or coal with low emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants.

US and Canadian patents were issued on the technology in 2012.

Currently we are in negotiation with a Southeast Asian country who wants to utilize the technology to produce liquid fuels from Municipal Solid Waste.

ECI also provides R&D and testing services in bench-scale and mini-pilot-scale setup.

Energy Catalysis, Inc. The Company has a bench scale catalytic hydro-cracking process that converts coal or biomass/coal into clean liquid fuels and refinery feedstock. The catalyzed process can achieve conversion efficiencies of about 80% as opposed to typical conversion efficiencies of 60 – 65%. The work at the Rutgers Eco-Complex is being funded under DOE SBIR R&D programs. Energy Catalysis has been successful obtaining funding. They created patents, and 3 jobs.

Energy Catalysis works to create a cleaner more environmentally conscious tomorrow.

Keywords: Production Of Liquid Fuels From Renewable, Clean Liquid Fuels Biomass, Low Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases And Air Pollutants

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