Ellen Magenheim – Halo Health International

Ellen Magenheim – Halo Health International

Hi, I am Ellen Magenheim from Halo Health International. Halo helps your friends and neighbors live healthier lives through education. We place digital education systems in physician offices, healthcare facility waiting areas, hospitals and waiting rooms. We educate in short bursts with memorable stats and fun videos – all with the goal of improving the communication between you and your doctor. Some topics include diabetes, obesity, nutrition, and asthma and national campaigns such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Smoking Cessation and Red Dress.

However, we don’t stop there. We are able to highlight and promote your staff, your practice specialty and your community outreach programs. We send your message to the people who need it the most- and at their time of need. We connect you directly to your community.

Start making your patients healthier and smarter. Contact us today at Info@Haloheals.com or call 856-520-8655 to get started.

Twitter – @Medmedsol

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