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Ed Rivas President of Life Insurance Solutions, Inc. shares his expertise from 35 years in the life insurance industry. Rivas has saved his clients a combined total of 3.1 million dollars in life insurance premiums since 1980! His goal is always to obtain the greatest amount of benefit at the lowest cost possible. CHFC and CLU accredited, Ed can secure the lowest rate from amongst the 45 companies he is contracted with even if you have a medical condition like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure or multiple sclerosis.

What makes Ed Rivas of Life Insurance Solutions, Inc. different from the other insurance salesmen is that life insurance is the only thing he sells and it is his specialty. Life Insurance Solutions, Inc. believes in an approach that focuses on clients primarily from a health standpoint rather than their financial needs. Every life insurance company looks at the same condition differently and that condition may be as simple as being overweight.

Here is a recent story where Ed saved a client a sizeable amount of money on his life insurance premium. Each life insurance company has a height and weight chart. Some companies break it down by your age, so the older you are the more liberal and some even within that subsection are more liberal than others. Ed had a gentleman who was 5 feet 10 inches, 214 pounds. He wanted a preferred non-smoker classification. Some life insurance companies said for preferred, you had to weigh a maximum of 201 pounds. Another life insurance company which is the one Ed’s client eventually used said you had to be 213 pounds, so Ed’s client lost a pound to qualify and finally another one was as high as 229 but the rate was significantly higher. So we had the same individual, their same weight and the premium differential was over $2500 between one company to the other and we went with the least costly of the three.
This is just one of the many stories Ed Rivas of Life Insurance Solutions, Inc. shares monthly in his Vidbi video blog.