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Hello and welcome to The Foot and Ankle Center. I’m Dr. Jack Bondi and along with my partner Dr. Raymond Ferrara, it has been our pleasure to serve the South Jersey area for over 2 decades. Our podiatric practice encompasses all major areas of foot and ankle care, from the complex to the simplest. In a typical day we will treat a teenager with a painful infected toenail, an elderly diabetic patent with a limb-threatening wound and an athlete with a complex fracture.

Our practice has evolved to incorporate such things as stem cell therapy, total and partial joint replacement and the latest in surgical reconstruction of the foot and ankle. We provide convenient hours including evenings and Saturdays in both our Medford and Washington Township locations and we accept most major insurance plans. So, whether it’s stubborn joint pain, a routine diabetic foot evaluation or a problem that requires surgery give our office a call today at 856-589-0990.

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