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Professional Video Production Services

Creative Video provides forward thinking solutions to corporations that want to capitalize on new opportunities now available on the internet, social media. video & mobile platforms. In today’s multimedia driven society more companies are realizing on a daily basis that they need a reliable firm with superior talent to supply them with state of the art digital services. Creative Video is your full service corporate video production company. With visually stimulating production and targeted branding. Creative Video is the choice your business can rely upon to give your project award winning creative services. Find out more about our services and supported formats!


Creative Video’s talent and technical expertise delivers effective and affordable solutions. Whether you’re in need of a promotional video to inform your customer base, a video email campaign to recruit new business, or a website to display your services, Creative Video is your comprehensive solution. Based in Woodbury, NJ, our digital production studio is your headquarters for any media project.
Storyboarding, script writing. talent casting, location scouting. set design, crew organization and additional management services. We know that planning ahead will make your production a success.

Multimedia Production

Our videographers, web designers and graphic artists use advanced technology and training to work within the parameters provided and create the best media to represent your organization or product. We have the capability to shoot in many SD and HD formats. We’re also setup to handle all graphic formats.

Post Production

The extra 10% is what really makes a product shine, Our video editors, audio engineers, motion artists, developers and disc authors will make sure that your media is current, maintained and delivered in the manner that best suits your requirements. In addition, we are fully capable of accommodating your unique project, whether you would like to transfer video from one medium to another or you need mass duplication services. Our non-linear editing suits are fully loaded with industry standard equipment, including Edius 6, Newtek Video Toaster, Avid Composer, Lightwave, Adobe CS5 Master Suite, Commotion, Aura, Ulead, Procoder and Cinema 4D.

Production Studio

Our studio and equipment is available for use in your production or you may rent them independently.
Reseller Partnerships
We often partner with agencies looking to outsource their creative work. Contact us to learn more about the program.


Creative Video’s corporate division has produced hundreds of website videos, souvenirs, promotional pieces and recruitment videos over the last 20 years. Our state- of -the art digital production center located in Woodbury. NJ utilizes over twenty formats and technologies in our day to day operations. We have produced in nearby Philadelphia, covering local nightlife, fashion trends and entertainment. Creative Video has also produced souvenir videos for performing groups, nationally and internationally, capturing the excitement for thousands of participants.
Events Coverage

Promotional Videos

You need a creative, cutting-edge, interesting way to send a message to other companies, organizations and customers about the services and products you offer. Our team can make it happen.

Website Video

You need a 15, 30 or 60 second video advertisement for your website and Creative Video has the tools and experience to make a consise, professional ad, perfect for use on your website and social media sites.

Orientation Videos

Get your new employees oriented quickly and effectively with a video created by our team. The key is a high quality production that utilizes both graphics and actors to tell a story.

Product Videos

When your company is launching a new product, you need to show if off with an amazing video. Think of it like a movie trailer for your new service or product. We can create an exciting, dramatic, straightforward and informational piece that shows off what you have to offer.

Recruitment Videos

Draw new customers to your company with a recruitment video that details the benefits of the services you offer. Using motion graphics, current editing techniques, and crisp video, Creative Video will create a piece for you to use in every recruitment endeavor.

PowerPoint Videos

Enhance your next business presentation by including video! We can help you shoot, edit and encode video to put into your presentation.


Non-Linear Editing (NLE)
Specializing in promotional video set to an MTV editing style, we shoot to keep your viewers engaged, entertained and informed. By using interviews, soundbites and professional voice-overs with energetic music added to the background keeps everything flowing at a pace that will hold the viewers’ attention.

Color Correction
Our editing software offers a menu of thousands of filters, overlays and additional built-in effects from Vitascene, Mercalli Expert, Prodad Video Effects and NewBlue Video Filters, which allow us to enhance the color space of your video.

Audio Mixing
From Dolby 5.1 surround sound to the capability of having 96 individual audio tracks per project, our audio engineers use their trained ears to adjust tone control, hi/low frequencies and utilize parametric and graphic equalizers where needed on productions.

Motion Graphics

We can take elements in many forms, whether it be art. text, photos or video clips, and animate them into a beautiful 2D or 3D sequence using industry-standard software such as Adobe After Effects CS5 and Cinema 4D.
Show Opens
Closing Credits
Animated Graphics
Lower Thirds
Motion Tracking
Special FX
Digital Signage

Making use of dazzling graphics, and special effects, digital signage is the most effective way to get your message across to prospective customers. Whether you need a billboard, ordering menu, or an entire building lit up, there’s no limit to the size of your display.
SD to HD Conversion

Having authored thousands of CDs, DVDs, & Blu-ray discs, Creative Video has streamlined the process, handling all the steps from artwork and video encoding to disc printing and recording.

We can take your video, or audio tracks and assemble them into a professionally authored Blu-ray, DVD or CD that’s playable in all modern set-top boxes and personal computers.

Custom Menu
Whether it’s a basic screen with a title and a play button, or an elaborate motion menu with precise chapter stops and bonus features, we have the tools and experience necessary to complete your vision.


Analog to Digital
Convert all of those old, bulky VHS tapes into slim. lasting Blu-rays or DVDs. Pricing is determined per source by length and quantity of sources.
Format Conversion
We can take your source and convert it to many formats, including: VHS, SVHS, 3/4, 3/4SP, Betacam SP, MiniDV, DVCam, DVCPro, DV, 8mm, Hi8, Digital Hi8, WMV, WAV, Quicktime. Flash. Realplayer, MPEG-2, Audio Tape, CD, RPM, DVD-5, DVD-R, DVD+R

SD To HD Upconversion
This process takes your standard definition footage. increases it’s size to fit into a high definition container. crops a section from the top and /or bottom and then smooths the video to account for the increased pixel density.
If you haven’t upgrade your viewing equipment to high definition and have a mix of high definition and standard definition footage, then we can convert it to the format used in the US (NTSC) and back again. Pricing based on source length.


Creative Video’s digital duplication center located in Woodbury, NJ provides services for residents of Gloucester County and Camden County, NJ in addition to a mail-in-service to serve customers around the country. Creative Video’s duplication services include many new and older formats, so that no matter who you’re trying to reach, you’ve got the delivery system to do so.

Disc Duplication
You’ve got a DVD. You need a thousand. We can help. You can provide us with a graphic to be printed on each DVD or we can create a simple label. Each copy comes with a simple plastic case. Pricing increases with the length of the DVD, but there’s a discount for bulk orders.

2-disc cases, single disc cases with insert capability, slim transparent cases of colors. are the containers we use when we deliver your hard form media. Need something special? We can work with our suppliers to get what you need for your production.


Web Design
We can provide you with a new website, enhance your current website or completely redesign. We can set you up with a domain name. hosting space and manage your FTP.

Website Video
Enhance your current website with standalone Flash, Quicktime. Realplayer or Windows Media formats or opt into our CloudPlayer service and make your videos cross-platform compatible. Show your products in use. example of your service. or promotions for your events. You can even have us design elements of your website around the use of web video.

Live Streaming
We can provide you with a solution to host and deliver your video via web in a serialized format.

Online Store
Help your business boom with an online store. Reach customers around the world with an online store set up by Creative Video.

Video Theater
Creative Video can take your existing video clips or can create newly edited segments for your website. The recommended time length is 0:30 to 2:00 minutes per clip through much longer lengths are compatible. We then deploy a customized gallery version of our CloudPlayer service for visitors to watch the video while browsing our website regardless of their device.

Disc Screens
Case Covers
Logo Design
Banners & Billboards


Studio Rental
Contact us for availability and pricing information.

Editing Suite Rental
Don’t want to pay the cost and take the trouble to set up your own editing system for just one project? Rent one of our high end edit suites on a daily, weekly, or basis. Contact us for availability and pricing information.

Equipment Rental
Contact us for equipment and pricing information

Location Scouting
Set Design
Hair & Makeup

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