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Bryn Bowersock
Sales Advisor
Business Development University

Thank you for visiting my LinkedIn profile. I am Bryn Bowersock, a Sales Adviser for Business Development University. I help individuals who are responsible for business development -whether you are an independent contractor, a solo-entrepreneur, business owner, or part of a large sales team and have weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual quotas to reach. I can help you improve your performance and maximize your sales potential which leads to increased revenue.

Let’s say that you are a successful sales performer. You meet or exceed your sales quota. Is there a voice inside you saying that you know you can help more clients and be compensated for your efforts, perhaps becoming a Sales “Superstar”. I would love to help you get there. Let’s have a conversation to see if I can assist you with your business development successes through BDU’s various services and programs. Perhaps its one-on-one monthly coaching, public or private sales training classes an outsourced sales management program or LinkedIn training. Whatever the path, BDU can help individuals and companies with their business development efforts.

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn and would welcome receiving an email or call. Email me at or phone # 267-475-9311.

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