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Hi, My name is Jim Huang, founder and CEO of Ascendia Pharmaceuticals. Thanks to the New Jersey Business Incubation Network for nominating our company as a NJBIN Company of 2014.

Ascendia is a specialty pharmaceutical company that creates novel formulation solutions for existing drug products, and pre-clinical and clinical stage drug candidates. Utilizing our suite of nano-particle technologies in nanoemulsion, nanocrystal and amorphous solid dispersion, we partner with leading pharmaceutical companies and provides formulation development services for molecules ranging from discovery to life-cycle-management stages.We can rapidly assess formulation feasibility for poorly water soluble compounds and create formulations with enhanced biopharmaceutical properties for clinical development.

Ascendia is located at the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies in North Brunswick, NJ. Visit our website or give us a call any time. Thank you!

Ascendia is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to creating novel formulation solutions for poorly-water soluble compounds – using our suite of nano-particle technologies including nano-emulsions, amorphous solid dispersions, and nano-crystals.

We develop enhanced formulations of existing drug products, and enabling formulations for pre-clinical and clinical stage drug candidates. Using our suite of nano-particle technologies, we can assess the feasibility of a broad array of formulation options to improve a drug’s solubility and bioavailability, and execute rapid, comprehensive, and cost-effective programs for difficult compounds. Ascendia provides formulation development and testing services – from discovery-stage molecules to life-cycle-management projects – creating formulation solutions with enhanced biopharmaceutical properties suitable for clinical scale-up. Ascendia provides these product development and analytical testing services at our facility in North Brunswick, NJ.

“Aspiring for Better Medicine”

Keywords: pharmaceuticals, formulation solutions, nanoemulsion, nanocrystal, amorphous solid dispersion

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