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Mark Ciapka is the CEO and founder of Applied Dynamic Solutions (ADS).  ADS is a full-service web development company offering web design and applications services.  ADS can help you with your web development, design, big data, enterprise search and SEO needs.


Hello my name is Mark Ciapka and I am the founder and CEO of ADS. We are a New Jersey based digital agency. We’ve been creating web sites, technical web applications and providing web strategy since 1997.

Our clients include both global top 100 companies as well as that small business right in town. Our entrepreneurial mindset and corporate experience keep us balanced and on the leading edge of our industry.We stay close to the entrepreneurial community by working with and mentoring startups, in turn, this keeps us relevant, agile and passionate.

Our work environment encourages creative, critical thinking, open communication and constant improvement. Our client’s success is paramount to everything we do.

Together, we can do anything!

Applied Dynamic Solutions:

Applied Dynamic Solutions (ADS) was founded in 1997 to help businesses establish a solid presence in the growing internet marketplace. That was then. Each year since, ADS has seen steady growth and change, allowing us to stay relevant and agile in the constantly changing technology landscape.

The web is a big part of how customers perceive your company. Humans formulate a first impression within a few seconds and all of their subsequent thinking is affected by that initial impression. Your website needs to set your corporate image up for success. We can show you how by using the great technologies and techniques listed below.

Today, Applied Dynamic Solutions has a growing footprint of global clients. Our intelligent, robust and strategic approach to our customer challenges has enabled us to become one of the region’s leading firms.


-Responsive web design
-Graphic Design
-Consulting & Development
-Mobile Applications
-Business Intelligence (BI)
-Online Marketing
-Video Production

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