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John Arnone, CEO of American Cryostem talks about his business and his development of a clinical platform for adult stem cell processing and cryo-preservation.


Hello, I am John Arnone., CEO of American CryoStem Corporation, a bio tech, life sciences company based in NJ. Our FDA registered tissue laboratory is located in the Burlington County College Science Incubator. I would like to thank the NJ business incubator network for honoring us with this prestigious award.

In 2008, American CryoStem began to develop a clinical platform for adult stem cell processing and cryo-preservartion. We designed and validated the solutions necessary to provide clinical grade products for the Regenerative and Personalized Medicine industries.The discoveries and Intellectual Property we have developed in the incubator environment have enabled us to collaborate with leading Universities, such as Rutgers.

Today, we provide a clinical grade, standardized processing platform to inspire powerful industry alliances and develop cellular therapy products based on the transformative potential of adult stem cells.

American Cryostem:

Thank you for your interest in American CryoStem. We have developed a streamlined and affordable core processing platform to cryopreserve Adult Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) and Adipose Tissue (AT) for future autologous cellular treatments and therapies. The Adipose Derived Stem Cells (also known as mesenchymal/stromal cells) are prepared and cryopreserved in their raw form without manipulation, bio-generation or the addition of biomarkers or other materials, making them suitable for use in regenerative medicine offered by existing and planned cellular treatment centers worldwide.

American CryoStem combines top members of adult stem cell research with medical professionals, focusing on leading edge technology that provides affordable storage of autologous adult stem cells for future cellular treatments and Adipose Tissue (AT) for subsequent fat transfers and engraftments.

American CryoStem has developed an efficient three stage service called CellectTM. We manage every aspect of our operations within strict quality control standards in cGTP and cGMP, AABB and FDA certified laboratories.

Why They Preserve Stem Cells:

Preserving Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) today provides you and your patients with the innovative opportunity to benefit from the emerging field of regenerative medicine: healing the body using autologous stem cells. With over hundreds of clinical trials currently ongoing and over 100 applications identified for adult stem cell treatments, American CryoStem Corporation is advancing 21st century medicine and improving healthcare delivery. Storing at the youngest possible age is recommended because stem cells lose their capacity to self-renew and differentiate as we age. The abundance of robust adult stem cells in Adipose Tissue (AT) along with easily and economically collecting large amounts of cells in a single collection, provides a unique and promising approach that holds key advantages over regenerative stem cells from other sources.

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