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Hi, my name is John Moran, I am the Chief Operating Officer of Al-G Technologies.

Al-G Technologies has a unique, and we think, game changing, process of growing and harvesting algae biomass. We plan on producing algae for the 3 F’s: Feed, Food and Fuel.

AL-G was founded in Quebec City, Canada and is based on the research of our founder, Dr. Gaston Picard. Dr. Picard was conducting research on the tertiary treatment of waste water using algae in the 1990’s when he came up with his unique idea of growing and harvesting algae that overcomes many of the hurdles that have prevented the mass commercialization of algae up to this point.

AL-G Technologies incorporated in the United States in 2013 and quickly established a relationship with Rutgers and the Rutgers EcoComplex. The Rutgers EcoComplex has not only provided us with affordable lab and greenhouse space but they have also introduced us to several groups of professors at Rutgers who have now collaborated with us on grant applications, helped improve our technology and provided invaluable support and guidance advancing our company’s goals.

We are truly honored to have been selected as the Incubator
Company of the Year and cannot over emphasize how grateful we are to Rutgers and the EcoComplex for enabling us to accelerate our company’s development. Thank you.

Keyworkds, Algae, algae biomass, Rutgers, EcoComplex, waste water, research

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