Eagle Wealth Strategies South Jersey Retirement Income Planning Process Video

Eagle Wealth Strategies South Jersey Retirement Income Planning Process Video

Eagle Wealth Strategies helps you reach your lifetime income goals through long term integrated financial engagement. Experts in finance, Eagle Wealth Strategies is the advisor you can rely on in these complex financial times.

LIFE stands for Long-term, Integrated, Financial Engagement. And it’s the process we use to help discover how your income and expenses can work together to fund your retirement lifestyle. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – analyze reliable income and assets
We begin by identifying reliable, consistent retirement income streams that will cover retirement expenses.

Social Security, pension payments
Income from a job, business, or professional practice.

We also inventory retirement assets, which include qualified and nonqualified assets

qualified 401k plans, IRAs, Roth IRAs,

non qualified CDs, brokerage accounts, savings, annuities, an inheritance, or proceeds from the sale of a business, professional practice, or real estate

Step 2 – identify and understand needs and wants
Next, through our simple retirement planning questionnaire, we uncover and help prioritize both needs and wants.

Needs are required expenses in retirement such as housing, healthcare, insurance premiums, fuel and auto expenses and food.

Wants are expenses that are nonessential, but contribute to an ideal retirement. These can include a vacation home, travel and funding important causes or education for future generations.

Step 3 – develop investment strategy to embrace needs and wants
Now we are ready look at how to pay for needs and wants.

Reliable retirement income pays for needs with retirement assets covering any gaps. Wants are covered by what’s left after needs are paid for.

Your investment strategy will be designed to assist you in paying for your needs and wants with a combination of income streams and income from assets. The strategy will integrate the goals, risk criteria, investment preferences, and specific tax, estate, or family situations that are unique to your situation. Also, we incorporate into the strategy the many risks to your retirement.

risks inflation, health, the market, longevity

Step 4 – create an investment plan
Once we have invested our time to get to know you, only then will we be able to make suitable investment recommendations. But that’s only part of the picture. We also use Goal Planning & Monitoring software to “stress test” our recommendations to help determine your probability of success, and to provide a variety of ways to help improve that probability.

Step 5 – engage in ongoing monitoring and management of the plan This is where the rubber meets the road in our LIFE process. We’ll work with you to implement your plan, and that includes working closely with your other professional advisors. We’ll be here on an ongoing basis to meet with you regularly, answer questions, monitor activities or to make new recommendations as your plan – and your life – unfolds.

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